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W. Virginia scrip
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National Scrip Collectors Association

Edkins only lists a 1cent token for Wake Forest Mining Co. [2921] and it has a cut out. The original ISC file No. 137 packet which was started August 6, 1925 has an order of 1500 pieces.

Wake Forest sent a letter to ISC June 22, 1925 referring that ISC had sent several letters to Wake Forest making them aware that the scrip wording needed to be changed to comply with a new scrip law. In responding Wake Forest wanted to know if their current tokens could be altered to comply and if ISC would look up the amount of scrip they had ordered, in the event they had to purchase new scrip they did not want any penny scrip as they had paid 2 cents for each 1 cent scrip. Also they wanted to know if they could return the old scrip for any kind of credit.

ISC replied on July 3, 1925 to Mr. R. T. Ayers, store manager thanking him for the order of 500-$1.00, 200-50 cent, 200-25 cent, 300-10 cent and 300-5 cent tokens at a cost of $48.75 less a 3% discount.

The original work order dated July 3, 1925 has the tokens were to be solid.

The order was minted and shipped August 6, 1925. I have the envelope from Wake Forest with a notation that Wake Forest paid $47.29 on August 10, 1925.

Jan 13, 1926 Wake Forest returned 16 pounds of old scrip to ISC for credit. I assume this was ICS scrip.

Jan 28, 1926 ISC sent to Wake Forest a check for $2.00 representing 12 one/half cent per pound as actual scrap value.

Conclusion; Wake Forest did a very good job destroying their old scrip with the cut out in it, and a better job of destroying their solid tokens as none of those have been reported. Collectors should be aware there may exist two series of tokens one series of which does have a cut out and the other unreported series solid.

President's message BILLY W. CAMPBELL Submitted 2-26-2013