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Not listed in "Edkins Catalogue of United States Coal Company Store Scrip" in the 2002 third edition volume II printing. Why was the "F" series left out? I believe this was a printing omission for reasons listed below and should be included in the next catalogue revision.

This company is listed in the 3rd edition of Volume I "D" series as being in Pike County, 2222 Kentucky. Information is available to show that several mining companies had mines in Kentucky, but the offices were in West Virginia. However, wherever the mines were, West Virginia mine inspectors did inspect Bailey-Thacker mines and there were no mention that I can find in the Annual Reports of 1921, 1922 or 1923 that the mine was in Kentucky.

Edkins catalogue {green book} first edition 1977 has a Bailey-Thacker, F1 token listed at Williamson 3043 Mingo county with notation [circa. Feb, 1921].

Edkins Catalogue {blue book} second edition 1984 volume II has Bailey-Thacker tokens F1 and F10 listed at Williamson 3043.

Gordon Dodrill in his "20,000 Coal Company Stores" book has Bailey-Thacker Coal Company listed on page 11 #842. Bailey-Thacker Coal Company is shown at Williamson in Mingo County. Bailey-Thacker is shown operating with 50 men from 1921 to 1924. Gordon Dodrill researched company stores for almost five years.

The website for "West Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training" states that Bailey-Thacker operated their mine in Mingo county. The records at this website show Bailey-Thacker produced coal in 1921, 1922 and 1924 with no production in 1923. The tonnage is as follows 1921-32,799 tons, 1922-30,800 and 1924- 4580 tons.

I have a complete set of Bailey-Thacker F1-F5-F10-F25-F50-F100 all are Ics, with vertical arrow cut out. The Ics records I have show the scrip was sent to Williamson, WV., see additional information in another scrip story about R. G. Bailey.

Conclusion Bailey-Thacker should be relisted in future revisions of the Volume I catalogue in Williamson, West Virginia 3043 "F" series.

Billy W. Campbell
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