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National Scrip Collectors Association
Bell County, Kentucky

The scrip machine is an ORCO(Osborne Register Company) Duplex Model B-2 scrip register manufactured by the National Cash Register Company for ORCO, which were used in the coal company pay master's office to dispense dollar and five dollar tokens, simultaneously recording a debit against the employees pay on each of two printed cards(one kept in the office for use in preparing the payroll, and one kept by the employee)which the employee could then spend in the commissary. (See S. Brown, "Scrip", 1978, Virginia Publishing Company, pp 169-180)***Timberlake 1989. This machine was originally used in the Virginia-Jellico commissary at Clairfield, Claiborne County, Tennessee, and sold to me by Harold"Corky"Snodgress many years ago

Virginia-Jellico Scrip
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