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WOW !!!!! in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Scrip Talk, bottom of back page an item of interest. If you don't remember go back and not only look but do something. I remember talking to a Virginia collector who has tried to get some major Virginia collectors to share information to no avail. WHY?? I must say I've had success when I ask a direct question to the few collectors I know in the area that they specialize in. The problem, for me, is because I collect all of West Virginia, there are so many counties that I do not know anyone collecting. If you're a collector of scrip don't you want to know who has that token you're missing, if they really exist, if they may have a duplicate for sale or a number of other questions you might think of. I'm willing to give any information that might help another collector if I have it. I have some unpublished information on over 300 different mines and stores consisting of thousands of ISC record pages. Contact me personally or better yet send a question to Scrip Talk and maybe get multiple or a more concise answer. Years ago there was a question and answer page in Scrip Talk. It's time to revive that interesting topic. Getting back to information, some of the websites that I regularly use are West Virginia office of Miners Health Safety and Training, archive search West Virginia Department of Mines, place names of West Virginia and origins of West Virginia place names just to name four. I would think most states have something similar. I was very lucky to acquire 35 different Dun and Bradstreet directories from 1879 to 1955 from a fellow collector, just more information. If you have Directories for sale I'm sure there are others besides myself that would like to know. As you can see I still have open years that I need. Who, besides myself has a complete set of Swandale 2731 (Clay) Elk River they are just R6-7 and 8's, you never see one for sale. Of course maybe the lumber collectors have them. That's an example of information sharing.

It's amazing how some collectors will not share information and a few will go out of their way to help. I have all issues of Scrip Talk from 1974 through 1985 and most others since I joined NSCA in the early 2000's. That said when I go back through them I find a lot of useful information about scrip from a great many of the same people. I was talking to Jim Lackey the other day about this subject he said and I'll put what he said in just a little different wording" knowledge is like fertilizer if you don't spread it around it does no good ". I will say that one reason collectors don't tell about their collections is security. A very good subject of discussion. Security and personal safety should be a high priority to everyone. Offsite secure storage is the best way to protect any valuables, sure it's a little trouble, but they will be safe. Most collectors use the catalogue as reference for the tokens they have anyway. A large heavy duty home fireproof safe can work if you can keep the humidity out of it and there are ways to do that. In this day of digital and high technical security with offsite monitoring of intrusion, motion, glass breakage and visual recording with immediate security response, a system for your home and office is a ABSOLUTE must, collector or not. There are also outdoor sensors that will send a warning inside your home when a vehicle enters your drive and another type of sensor for remote movement anywhere within 150 feet of your home. I'm not talking about the motion sensor lights you see sometimes.

Some information or questions you decide, let me know your thoughts.

MOUNT GAY 1991 [Logan]

The Edkins catalogue has the A1 as being Nickel I have A1 as Alum as does another Logan county collector. We both think the catalogue is wrong. Could have been described as white metal when rubbing was submitted.

TURKEY KNOB 2847 [Fayette]

The Edkins catalogue has the A1 as being brass I have A1 as NP as does another Fayette collector. We both think the catalogue is wrong. Someone may have not looked very close.

ORGAS 2131 [Boone]

The Edkins catalogue has H.J. Hendricks & Sons listed in Orgas, when actually it was

P.R. Hendricks & Sons that was the company store for Vermillion coal co. Research in D&B shows H.J. Hendricks & Sons were in Keith, WV and Dodrill has as the company store for Columbus-Pittsburg coal co.

WHITESVILLE 3013 [Boone]

The Edkins catalogue shows the H25 as MMISC Des. Pat. Who has this sneaky token ???? Walter Caldwell never had it, I have never seen it and a long time Boone county collector doesn't have it. We all do did/have the G25 MMISC Pat. Pend. I think it's the only BLUE STAR STORE 25 cent token.ISC records show 1000 25 cent made 10-20-1930. Of course something could have happen during the striking process that made them change the reverse die. Am I wrong on the above? Prove it.

LOGAN 1616 [Logan] Is the C100a really a R9?

WENDEL 2973 [Taylor] is the A50 & A100 really a R10?

ERSKINE 959 [Fayette] what is the difference between KLEENCOAL 1539 [Logan]?

NUTTALLBURG 2097 [fayette] who has a O3? Is it a R10?

Whatever State, Area, County, Company, Store, Pictorial and Etc. you collect don't you want it to be the very best you can make it. A big yes, then it requires information to back up the Scrip in your collection, not just the token. Send your answers to Scrip Talk so everyone will know.

National Scrip Collectors Association
Billy W. Campbell
Printed in May 3, 2011 Scrip Talk