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Red House Association, Inc. scrip was it coal related? Did Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co. use a store by that name?

In 1934 Red House farms became one of three areas in West Virginia that the Roosevelt government bought land. Then at Red House selected about 150 families to settle it. The name Red House farms was changed to Eleanor sometimes during 1935. 2200 acres were bought for about $29 per acre. Each homestead was about an acre in size. The name Red House came from of all things, a red brick house on the property. As a matter of interest the first subsistence project of the new deal's massive public works program was in Arthurdale, West Virginia.

This was a new deal community trying subsistence homesteads to improve life. The community was self sustaining with all necessary services, stores, jobs and etc. The Red House Association, from what I read is the group managing the affairs of the community. The homesteaders had a vote and paid dues in the association.

The jobs in the beginning seems to be mostly public service for the community. Construction of housing, cooperative canning plant, farming or working in a community quarry. The standard hourly wage was about 45 cents per hour.

I have not found any coal related tie between Red House Association and Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co.
Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co. had two mines one named Anna Louise mine 1936 to 1943 and #4 Point Lick mine in Putman County from 1928 to 1952. Some of the miners may have used the community store at Eleanor [Red House] but it being a government store it's doubtful if it was related in any meaningful way with coal. Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co. mines were at Plymouth, WV . Plymouth is approximately 6.4 miles from Eleanor.

In Gordon Dodrill's book "20,000 Coal Company Stores" on page 103 item # H321 Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co. had a company store in Plymouth. Being profit driven as most people are I do not think Hatfield Campbell would have used any other store but theirs.

Mr. David E. Schenkman had questioned the coal related issue before and had written and published a article which he has forwarded to me. Mr. Schenkman was researching information for his catalogue of West Virginia Merchant Tokens. His interest was partly caused by a listing he found in a 1941 business directory listing a Red House Manufacturing Company. I could find no mention of any coal relation to theRred House scrip in his article.

Another new deal community was the Cumberland Homestead near Crossville Tn. There were about 250 families in this subsistence project. In a website entitled the Cumberland Homestead Project, a story written by Faye C. Newberry and Buddy L. Stinnett mentions that a script system was in use at Homestead. The Homestead operated several business ventures, one was a coal mine. I have visited the site and they have a collection of scrip.

On August 9, 2010 Mr. Ed George sent me a email that said quote " I suggest Red House at Eleanor, W. Va. was a store for the WPA town and not coal".

On August 13, 2010 Mr. Donald Clifford sent me a email that said quote "the Red House Association scrip is not coal. A friend lives in Eleanor, W. Va. and there was never any coal companies in that town. Most of the coal operations in Putman County were around Raymond City, Plymouth & Manilla which is about 10 miles east of Eleanor.

Eleanor scrip needs to be removed from the catalogue. I have a complete "A" & "B" sets of Eleanor scrip. Not coal.

Billy W. Campbell
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