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Billy W. Campbell
It has been another very fast and interesting year for me, but it seems like time has really speeded up. I can't get one thing finished until something else is crying for attention, anyway life is good. Since assuming the presidency of NSCA and with the help of my able coworker Mike Williams as secretary/treasurer we have put new ideas in force and hopefully energized the scrip collector. NSCA has a new website nationalscripcollectorsassociation.org that David Thompson keeps running and up to date, Bill Fugera is hard at work producing Scrip Talk, Garrett Salyers and Mike Williams have finished Edkins Vol. I revision and I have finished Edkins Vol. II revision. Both catalogues are in the hands of a book designer and we await their work for approval before it is printed. I sincerely hope we will have both volumes by the fall meeting in Charleston, WV. Nov. 2nd it will be very close. As you can see lots of things are happening and many more to come.

NSCA gives out free plastic show and meeting tokens at every gathering, they give the meeting dates and locations. Some time ago I became interested in the meeting tokens and with the help of several members I now have every plastic token made by NSCA since 1980, that's when I think the practice started. Those tokens are but one thread in the history of NSCA and well worth preserving. I think most of those plastic tokens may still be found as the normal order was several hundred tokens, of course they may cost a few dollars now. What most members today do not know is, NSCA also produced at least 72 metal tokens. These were sold to the members and have become very collectable. There were even a very few solid GOLD and SILVER tokens produced with the NSCA logo on the obverse. Do you have one of these? Limited numbers were also produced in Brass, Copper, Bronze, Nickel Silver, and Gold Plate. I have resurrected this facet of NSCA with a 40th anniversary set of tokens that will contain 6 different metals, one of which will be a one ounce fine Silver .9999 token, the set will sell for $180 plus $5 shipping. There will only be 25 six token sets made and they will sell on a first come basis. As an added incentive, all who purchase the 40th anniversary set will receive free, a full color copy of all known NSCA plastic meeting tokens and a list of the known NSCA metal tokens. NSCA will this year produce a FALL MEETING Charleston metal token in Nickel Silver that will sell for $18 plus $3 shipping. You can avoid shipping charges by picking up all tokens at the Charleston meet. All members are being advised in advance, the Charleston meeting medallion should be ordered ASAP to assure getting one. To order, email bwcok@knology.net, those without email may request by regular mail and send check to NSCA, P.O. Box 10113, Knoxville, TN. 37939.

Billy W. Campbell, President

PRESIDENT 2012-2013

September 9, 2013
Sample NSCA Tokens