MISSING WV SCRIP                                 2-15-2014


     As I was researching and trying to make additions, deletions and corrections to the 4th edition Vol. II [West Virginia only] Edkins Catalogue of United States Coal Company Store Scrip, I kept running into a metal identification problem. On page xxiii of the new 4th edition I made reference to this issue. I would like address this in more detail, but it will require the knowledge, effort and time of all West Virginia scrip collectors for the scrip I have listed. I hope to motivate simply by saying "be a giver and not a taker". What I mean by that is don't let a few do all the work. I realize some people seem to have more time than others, but that's not really the case all the time. People spend more time on what they like and want to do. It appears to me that over the past 40 years or so many scrip metals were incorrectly identified, reported and catalogued for a number of reasons and some are still incorrectly identified. The catalogue has lumped Copper, Bronze and Brass as Brass and I'll admit that sometime in the future someone may take that on as a chore but not at this time. The issue is, the scrip I have gleamed and listed below is a more serious problem, and you may be able to add more scrip to the list. Those below are scrip that has been placed in the first 3 editions that most likely may not exist or maybe a large number may not, that's what we need to find out. If that is the case, you will not be able to complete a collection of a series, mine, town, or county that includes those misidentified metals. Please, please spend a few hours, days or weeks going through this list, making notes of those you actually have in your collection. Some that are Nickel, Nickel Plated, Aluminum or Zinc have been misidentified frequently. The most misidentified I think, is the Brass scrip when there is a known Nickel Plated of the same domination and series. In most cases the Brass scrip is very worn and any Nickel Plating has disappeared or the collector has not looked close with a quality magnifier in good light. Just recently there was a Bellwood A1 on Ebay that appeared to be Nickel that would be an unlisted metal of that series, Edkins has A1 being Brass, but there is a Nickel Plate A1, so is there a Brass A1? I really doubt it and if there is I would bet it's worn and began life as a Nickel Plate.

     What I'm asking is, take this attached list, a good magnifier, great light and your scrip collection, research, record and mail me the results of the metal of your scrip. The list contains some scrip that has other issues that need to be addressed, please look at those also. What I'll do is compile, record, change the Edkins master file and notify the collectors of the changes. This project is as important as recording unlisted scrip, but multi reports are a must. These cold wet winter days are a great time to upgrade your scrip collection and all West Virginia scrip.








ABNEY 5                    B10b NP                                    CASSVILLE 505          E100b N

ACCOVILLE 7           C5a   B                                       CASSVILLE 505          G10b  A

AFFINITY 25             B5b   B                                        CHATTAROY 531       J1   Z

ALGOMA 45              A10b B                                       CINCO 551                    D25b   29mm

ALCONQUIN 47        C5a   NP                                     CINDERELLA 553       F1b  no stars

ALCONQUIN 47        C10a NP                                     COOPERS 655              C5a  N

AMHERSTDALE 81  C5a  NP                                      CRAB ORCHARD 683 C1b  NP

AMHERSTDALE 81  C25a NP                                     CRANBERRY 685         A5a  B

AMHERSTDALE 81  J1b    N                                       CRANBERRY 685         C10a no rosettes

AMHERSTDALE 81  O5a                                             CRICHTON 697             D1a  N

AMHERSTDALE 81  O5b                                             CROWN 702                   D5a  NP

AMIGO 83                   F5a 19mm                                  CRUMPLER 707            C1b  N

AMIGO 83                   H5b   B                                       CRUMPLER 707            C50b  N

ANSTED 93                 A10b                                           CUNARD 717                B5b  B

ANSTED 93                 B500a NP                                   DAVIS 743                     B5b  N

ANSTED 93                 I25a  no stars                              DORTHY 823                B10a  N

ASHLAND 127           B10a                                            DORTHY 823                B100a  B

ASHLAND 127           B10b                                            DORTHY 823                C1a  NP

BEARDS FORK 177   J10a A                                         DUNLOOP 853              A5a  NP

BECKLEY 189            H500b round                               EDGARTON 877           A5a  B

BELLE 203                  C10a N                                        ELVERTON 921            E1a  B

BELLWOOD 209        B10a N                                        EMMETT 929                A50b  N

BELLWOOD 209        C10a N                                        ESKDALE 963               G1b  NP

BERWIND 239            C25a no stars                              ETHEL 967                     F25a  B

BEURY 251                 A5b  B                                        ETHEL 967                      G25a  B

BIRCHTON 275          A100b ctsp 4                               EUNICE 969                   C100a  no stars

BLAKELY 296            B1b  N                                         FREEMAN 1065            B5a  NP

BLUE JAY 311            A5   A                                          FREEMAN 1065            B100a B

BOOTH 343                 B5a  B                                         GLEN MORRISON 1135   C1a  NP

BURCH 413                 B25a B                                        GLEN MORRISON 1135   C10a  B

BURWELL 421            A1a  NP                                      GLEN ROGERS 1137     C25b  no stars

BURWELL 421            A5b  NP                                      GOODWILL 1151           A10a  N

BURWELL 421            A10a NP                                     GOODWILL 1151           B5a   NP

BURWELL 421            A25a  B                                       GOODWILL 1151           B25a  NP

BURWELL 421            A100a B                                      GORDON 1153               A25a  N

CARBONDALE 469    C1c B                                          GORDON 1153               A25b B

CARBONDALE 469    C1d B                                          GORDON 1153             B5a 1 diamond

CASSVILLE 505          A25a N                                        GORDON 1153               B50a  B

CASSVILLE 505          C5a  NP                                       HAMLET 1207               A25a  B


HAMLET 1207              D100a  NP                          MT CLARE 1989              C25b  B 2 stars

HEPZIBAN 1305           C100a  no stars                    MOUNT GAY 1991         E1b  N

HERBERTON 1306       A100a  N                             MT HOPE 1995                A5b  NP

HIAWATHA 1315         E1b  NP                               NAUGATUCK 2035        B1a  no dot

HOLDEN 1341              B10b  NP                             NEWHALL 2059              A1a  A

HOLDEN 1341              E1b  N                                 NUTTALLBURG 2097    E10a  B

HOLDEN 1341              E1c no stars                         OLCOTT 2113                  C100a  NP

HUGHESTON 1365      A10b  B                               OMAR 2123                      B5b  B

JENKIN JONES 1439   A25a  B                                OMAR 2123                      B50a  B

JODIE 1455                   A1a  B                                  PAGE 2161                        E50a  B

KAYFORD 1477           C1a  N                                  PAGE 2161                        E100b  N

KEMPTON 1489           B5a  N                                 PANTHER 2173      D10b  w word company

KILLARNEY 1513       A1a  B                                  PEMBERTON 2199           A10a  B

KILLARNEY 1513       B5a  NP                                PIEDMONT 2219              A10a no stars

KISTLER 1531              L10b  N                               PRENTER 2283                  E10a  B

KISTLER 1531              M25a  NP                            PURTIAN MINES 2311     D10b  B

KYLE 1545                    A10a  B                               PURTIAN MINES 2311     D50b  B

LAING 1553                  G1a   1948                           RAGLAND 2330                E1a  Z

LANDGRAFF 1559      A25a  N                                RED STAR 2375                D1b  B

LANDGRAFF 1559      A50a  N                                RHODELL 2389                G10a  B

LAWTON 1583             B10a  B                                RHODELL 2389                G25a  no stars

LESLIE 1613                 F1a  N                                  RIVESVILLE 2415     A1b w/ word general

LOGAN 1661                D10 any                                SCARBRO 2531                 A1a  B

LOGAN 1661                D50 any                         SHARPLES 2573     D10b  w/o words when due

LOGAN 1661                D100 any                              SKELTON 2599                  A5a  N

LOGAN 1661                E1 any                                  SLAGLE 2605                     A10a  NP

LONGACRE 1671        A500b  NP                           SLAGLE 2605                     A25b  B

LORADO 1677             E100a  NP                            SLAGLE 2605                     A100b  N

LORADO 1677             G1b  N                                  SLAGLE 2605                     A500a  NP

LUMBERPORT 1695   C100a  N                              SPRAGUE 2635                  D10b  no stars   

MADELINE 1731         A100b  N                             SPRAGUE 2635                   E5a  B

MAHAN 1745               B25a  N                                STANAFORD 2647             D5a  N

McALPIN 1831             F100a  B                               STONE BRANCH 2679      A50b  B

MEADOWBROOK 1865 A1b  A                              SUMMERLEE 2711            A1b  B

MOHAWK 1931           A100b  N                              SWANDALE 2731              A1b  B

MONTCOAL 1949       B1b  NP                                SWANDALE 2731              A5   NP

MONTCOAL 1949       C1a  NP  21mm                    TAMS 2753                          A1b  NP

MONTCOAL 1949       C10a  NP                               TAMS 2753                         A10a  B

MORCO 1952               A5b  NP                                 TAMS 2753                         B25a  B

MT CLARE 1989          C10b  B                                 THACKER MINES 2771    A25b  N

THERMO 2779              A100a  N

TUNNELTON 2845       D5a   w/ in trade

TWIN BRANCH 2855   B10b  B

VAN 2875                      G100a  B

VIVIAN 2917                 G100a   no stars

WARD 2941                   C1a  NP

WARD 2941                   D1a  no stars

WAR EAGLE 2943        A5A & A5b  measure both

WARWOOD 2947          A10a  N

WELLSBURG 2969       A1b  no stars

WHEELING 2997          A5a  B

WHEELING 2997          B1c  no star & no when due

WHITBY 3005               B10a  no diamond

WHITBY 3005               C5a    no diamond

WICKHAM 3019           A5a    B

WIDEMOUTH 3021      B10a  NP

WIDEN 3023                  A25a  NP

WILKINSON 3035        D1c  A

YERBA 3113                 A1a  N

YUKON 3123                C5a  B