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Kentucky Coal Mining Counties:


COAL CAMP DATABASE indicates: This database contains 1,937 entries (coal camps), attempting to document coal camps found in Kentucky. Information about the location of the camp (city, county), years of operation, and approximate number of employees is available.

Secondary research was primarily extrapolated from:

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The deep coal mining and coal camps or towns existed at the same time as the use of coal scrip.DMT

Kentucky Coal Heritage
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"Where They Worked The coal miner's of South Eastern Kentucky comes from a special breed of man who works in the darkness under dangerous conditions and breathes the coal dust that gives him Black Lung and no hope of a retirement future." Good source of info on coal camps.

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Coal mining in Kentucky-wikipedia "Coal was discovered in Kentucky in 1750. Since the first commercial coal mine opened in 1820 coal has gained both economic importance and controversy ..."

Kentucky Coal Heritage

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Steve's suggested reference books:

Annual Reports of the Kentucky Department of Mines&Minerals

Louisville & Nashville Railroad's annual Directories of Coal Mines

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