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Donald Edkins only lists A1 Cranberry Fuel Co. No 8 (Orco Pat. Pend.) with Chevron cut out as R-5 in Vol. II first edition and has been carried forward through the third edition. I will list my finding on researching this item. Ifragree 1385 A1

1. For some reason there was never a county attributed in the catalogue.

2. Upon a search of Place Names in West Virginia I find no town by that name.

3. Upon a search of West Virginia by internet I find no town by that name.

4. The website Office of Miners Health Safety and Training does not have a listing by that name.

5. Dodrill has no listing of a Cranberry Fuel No. 8. His mine numbers only go to #4.

6. Dordill lists #4 as Property (sic) most likely Prosperity in operation from 1907 to 1911.

7. All Cranberry Fuel mines I have found are in Raleigh County, 2-3 miles North of Beckley.

8. I have found no listing of Cranberry Fuel Co. No. 8 in the mine reports I have checked.

9. John Byars wrote " I can't find a town with that name anywhere in the U. S.

10. Kevin Andersen wrote "I cannot find that town name anywhere".

11. David Schenkman wrote " I've puzzled over that listing also. No luck".

12. Donald Clifford wrote "I don't know where Ifragree is. The state listing of places in W. Va. doesn't list Ifragree.

CRANBERRY-685, Cranberry Fuel No.1 has Orco Pat. Pend with the fat plus symbol.

SKELTON -2599, Cranberry Fuel No. 2 has Orco Pat. Pend with the Chevron cut out.

SPRAGUE-2635, Cranberry Fuel No. 3 has Orco Pat. Pend. with the broken point arrow cut out.
Speculation; No. 8 was really No. 2, a bad token submitted on a bad rubbing. The town name I have no idea. Looking for answers.

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