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The town of Hiorra was named by Mrs. Ellen B. Orr, for the three men most instrumental in opening the Hiorra mines. Newspaper article in the Preston County Journal of 1976 by the Preston County Historical society has an article entitled Hiorra named after three early mine owners. Looks like we know where the ORR came from, who were the others? Well it looks like if you look enough you'll find something. Using the Annual Reports going back to 1896 John M. Hite of Hite Coal and Coke co. was mining before a town was established. There is the HI. J. M. Orr operated the Orr Coal and Coke Co. in the same area, from at least 1901, is the ORR. Hiorra is 1.9 miles from Newburg by today's map. The mine superintendent or foreman of the Dixie mine for all the years I looked at through 1909 for Hite Coal was Alf. Fortney I think that was the A. HI ORR A

Gordon Dodrill in his "20,000 Coal Company Stores" book on page 108, item H741 thru H745 shows this store as the company store for Hiorra Coke Co.. The year 1906 was the first year mentioned and 1925 was the last year. Mr. Dodrill does not show a known token. Also on page 187 item # O247 Hiorra supply co. was the company store for Orr Coal & Coke co. from 1904 to 1910 with 125 employees.

Hiorra Coke Co in 1914 and 1915 ran the Vulcan No.1 mine and had 59 men and 45 men working in those years. In 1920 the Vulcan mine was working 50 men.

The website of West Virginia Miners Health Safety and training states the Hiorra Vulcan mine started producing coal in 1910 and continued until 1929 with the mine closed for three of those years.

In the April 1985 issue of scrip talk there was mention of the Hiorra scrip. Scriptor, Harold Lee notes that he would give an eye tooth for a piece of it.

In my March, 1919 issue of Bradstreet on page 16 in the town of Hiorra [P.O. at Newburg, Hiorra was 2 1/2 miles from Newburg] Hiorra Coke Co and Hiorra Supply Co both with a notation see Uniontown Pa. are listed. Hiorra Coke Co is listed in my Jan., 1926 issue of Bradstreet.

Hiorra tokens are made of alum. and are solid. I have the A5-A25-A50-A100 in my collection.

This new town is listed in the 4th edition catalogue as 1339.

Billy W. Campbell
Printed in Feb 2011 Scrip Talk
Hiorra Supply Co.