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Donald Clifford has found another unlisted token. In an email to me Mr. Clifford said in part " There are three pieces of Consolidation Coal Company, Inc. scrip that are listed as Mavericks in the back of the Volume 1 [other states] Scrip book. Maverick 12 is a 10 cents for THE C. C. CO. Inc. RIVERDALE STORE, Maverick 50a is a 1cent for THE C. C. Co., Inc. PERRY STORE, and Maverick 50b is a $1.00 for THE CONSOLIDATION COAL CO. Inc. PERRY STORE. These three pieces along with a unlisted THE C. C. CO. Inc. PERRY STORE 5 cent token are from WEST VIRGINIA. According to the WEST VIRGINIA GEOLOGICAL & ECONOMIC SURVEY, by Ray Vernon Hennen, The Consolidation Coal Co., Inc. operated three mines at Perry, which was one mile NW of Adamston [now part of Clarksburg], in Harrison county. They [The Consolidation Coal Co., Inc.] also operated a mine at Riverdale, which was 7/10 of a mile NE of Shinnston, WV in Harrison county. I have a 1933 WV map that shows the community of Riverdale. I have not pinpointed the exact location of Perry, WV , but the WV archives lists a Perry, WV in Harrison county in 1935. This scrip should be added to the West Virginia book".

A few misc. bits of information connected to Perry.

1. The website of West Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training shows that the Pittsburg& Fairmont Coal Co. operated the following mines in Harrison County.

Coaling Station 1906-1909, Perry #1 mine 1903-1905, Perry #2 mine 1903, Perry #3 mine 1903-1904.

2. The website of Fairmont Coal Mine History, has ex-governor A. B. Fleming giving a speech, at the West Virginia Coal Mining Institute meeting December 4-6, 1911. Mr. Fleming mentions Perry Coaling Station being one of 27 mining operations in Harrison County by Consolidation Coal Co.

3. In the 1918 through 1923 West Virginia Annual Report of the Department of Mines, there are listings of Consolidation Coal Co. having mining operations at Adamston, The mines were #50, 62 and 94. In the 1926 Annual Report only mine #62 is listed and the town was listed as Clarksburg.

4. The website of Doddridge & Harrison Counties Geological & Economic Survey Vol. I dated 1912, by Ray Vernon has the following information. Consolidation Coal Company operates;

Perry #1 mine with 49 employees and Perry #2 mine with 58 employees and uses the same tipple. Both mines are located one mile northwest of Adamston. Also operates Perry #3 mine with 56 employees and is located 1/2 mile north of Adamston. Vernon makes reference to their locations on a map as being #48, #60 and #61.

5. I have seen one reference of a wedding being held at the Perry Coaling Station. THE C. C. CO., Inc. token being researched was made by ICS sometime between 1919 and 1931. To narrow the date of operation more, the latest date I can find is 1928 for any of the Perry/Adamston mines.

6. The Riverdale token Mr. Clifford referred to has wording very similar to the Perry token.
Consolidation Coal Company
PERRY STORE, Adamston, W. VA.
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