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Boone County Coal Corp., had many mines. The "Edkin Catalogue" has tokens listed for Boone County Coal Corp., as BC, No.1, No.2, No.6, No.10 and No.11 but, not No.4 mine.

In talking to Mr. Thomas Perry he stated; Boone County Coal Corp. mine No.4 was at Androssan, WV Logan County, which was just up a hollow from Sharples and just beyond Montclo. Mr. Perry's sister taught school there in the 1930's.

Gordon Dodrill in his "20,000 Coal Company Stores" book states on page 25 #1053 Boone County CoalCcorp., indeed had an operation at Androssan, WV. Dodrill does not show a token known. Proctor & Woodrum, who had stores at other Boone County Coal Corp. locations had a store at Androssan. Gordon Dodrill, further states the mine operated from 1916 to 1932 with 145 employees. I believe this employee number was for both mine No.4 and mine No.5.

The 1920 West Virginia Annual Report of the Department of Mines show Boone County Coal Corp. Mine No. 4 had 48 employees and produced 31,863 tons. John Boring was mine foreman.

The 1922 Keystone Coal Field Directory shows Boone County Coal Corp. had two mines at Androssan WV, mine No.4 and mine No.5. Mine No.4 had 55 employees that year.

The website of West Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training shows Boone County No. 4 was in production from 1918 to 1921.

In the next Edkins Catalogue revision Androssan, WV., Logan County, should be included. I have assigned a town # 87. Boone County Coal Corp. No.4. I have the following tokens A1-A5 and A10. Mr. Perry has the A25 and A50. The tokens have a "BC" cutout and are made by ICS.

SUBMITTED ST 6-2-13 PRINTED IN ST SEPT. 2013 Billy W. Campbell
Boone County Coal Corp. No.4
Androssan, W VA. Logan County
Only online reference to Boone County Coal Corp. No 4