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In the book "Billion Dollar Coalfield" on page 280 there is a section on Anawalt. On page 301, the coal camp O'toole, which was about 1/2 mile from Anawalt, has a section. It is also noted that there were four independent stores that accepted company [United States Coal & Coke Co.] scrip. Central Pocahontas Coal Company operated no.2 mine at O'toole from 1911 to 1939.

Gordon Dodrill's book "20,000 Coal Company Stores" on page 193 # P315 & 316 lists Peery & Gibson as having a store in Hemphill and Capels West Virginia for Central Pocahontas Coal Co. In 1915. Dodrill does not state token known.

The West Virginia Office of Miners Health Safety and Training website shows Central Pocahontas Coal Co. had a mine named Anawalt from 1909 to 1911. The mine produced 2,723 tons the first year and 33,104 and 61,240 the next two years.

The 1914 West Virginia Annual Report of the Department of Mines lists on page 544 Central Pocahontas Coal Co.operating mines No.1 and No.2 with a post office box in Anawalt. The mines had a total of 36 men. However, series #1104 on page 282 in the section, directory of the mines, it states only 20 men employed. Coal was mined by pick and hauled by mules. H. K. Karper was superintendent and E. T. Lilly and J. S. Money were foremen.

The 1915 West Virginia Annual Report of the Department of Mines also lists Central Pocahontas Coal Co. of Anawalt. The section "reports of district mine inspectors" on page 273 and 274 items 1104 and 1105 has a very detailed report on the mines, No.1 and No. 2 were about one mile apart. The management remained the same. Central Pocahontas Coal Co. of Anawalt is included in at least the 1920 through 1927 annual reports.

Direct quote from Doug Tolley 2-2-2010. "I am familiar with where the mine and company store were located. It was actually at a coal camp called O"toole, bordering Anawalt. [ named after the owner, no post office.] The camp still exists with several of the original houses that have been remodeled. The mine worked out just before the 2nd world war. The Jr. High school principal took us to the site several times during scrap iron drives for the war effort. The company store was a large wooden building, it burned about late 1950's. A friend that I worked with lived nearby and they called him away from work for fear his home was in danger. Peery and Gibson also had a general store in Anawalt about 1 1/2 miles from the company store that also acted as a company store. While in high school I worked one summer at this store [ it was then Peery and Rector ], Nell Gibson, daughter of one of the original owners, still worked there.

With Dodrill listing Peery & Gibson as company stores for Central Pocahontas Coal Co. in two other towns, there should be very little doubt that over the 20 plus years that Central Pocahontas Coal Co. operated in Anawalt W. Va. that the Peery & Gibson store in Anawalt was not at least coal related to supplement the company store. I understand Dave Schenkman really brought the Anawalt scrip to light. Mr. Schenkman's "R" ratings will be used in a catalogue revision.

I have listed Anawalt with a town number of 85. I have the following aluminum tokens A5-A10-A25-A50-A100. Peery & Gibson/ merchants / Anawalt, W.VA., on reverse, good for/5/in trade. Anawalt should be listed in any revised catalogue.

Billy W. Campbell
Peery & Gibson
Anawalt, WV (McDowell)
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