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As I was looking at Alma Eagle Coal Company, Edkins catalogue Logan 1661 I noticed a couple of things, a supposedly "E" series token minted in Zinc and the minting records I have only shows one minting.

Since Alma Eagle was only in business from 1936 to 1940 according to Dodrill, and Zinc was not really used until World War II and the minting records only had the one minting. Records indicate all pennies (10,000) were to be Bronze. I believe the "E" series is wrong, even if the rarity is an R-4 and should be deleted.

Now, the "D" series D10, D50 and D100 again only one minting of Alma Eagle scrip on 3-13-1936 so you won't find a Pat. Pend. of this series. Why, because there are F10, F50, F100 along with the F1 in Des. Pat. ISC many, many times minted Pat. Pend. and Des. Pat. in the same order. Records indicate the 50 cent (400) was to be brass. This said, the D10-50 and 100 should be deleted.

I stand to be corrected if anyone can produce any of the four scrip. Information was taken from Dodrill, the original ISC record book and with 6 letters from the ISC file packet.

The order was placed by Ira B. Early on an ARACOMA FUEL COMPANY letterhead using a STANDARD BITUMINOUS MINES, INC. envelope. ISC asked Mr. Early for information on the Standard Bituminous mines, Inc. as the scrip they ordered was marked Standard Mercantile Co. who still had not paid for their order. I do not have their reply.

SUBMITTED ST 6-2-13 PRINTED IN ST SEPT. 2013 Billy W. Campbell
Logan County, West Virginia