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A little history...
The National Scrip Collectors Association (NSCA) was officially organized on October 21, 1972 at Fayetteville, West Virginia, when its Constitution and By-laws were formally adopted. The preamble notes that the objectives and purposes of the Association shall be;
(a) to promote the collection of coal company store scrip (metal or paper) and related tokens;
(b) to cultivate the good relations between collectors of scrip tokens;
(c) to encourage the study and research of the history of coal mining companies and company stores as it relates to the people of mining communities in the Scrip era.
In the fall of 1970, Walter Caldwell began publishing "SCRIP TALK" on a regular basis for members. SCRIP TALK features news of the Associations activities, including feature stories about tokens, coal companies, other interesting items along with paid and free ads for members.
Semi-annual meetings are held in the late spring and mid fall each year and are advertised in SCRIP TALK. Vendors have booths displaying tokens and other related items for sale.
Coal scrip has been identified with private money in many articles over the years. The collecting of coal scrip really is still in its infancy as it's only 40+ years old. With coal, the United States became a dramatic industrialized power and just think there is still 200 years of reserves.
NSCA, has catalogues of known Coal Company Store Scrip, at the next revision Vol I will contain almost 10,000 pieces of scrip from all other coal states except West Virginia. Vol II will contain almost 9,000 pieces of scrip only from West Virginia.
Membership and Catalogues are for sale to all interested parties.

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